Exercises to improve hip mobility

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Human hip joints are ball-and-socket joints that allow a large range of motion while walking, running or other physical activities. We list six movements that can occur in them: flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, external rotation and internal rotation. Each of them is necessary for everyday functioning and proper mobility of the spine and peripheral joints below, i.e. knees and ankles. Below are exercises that mobilize and increase the mobility of the mentioned joints. Exercises should be preceded by a few minutes of warm-up. It is recommended that each movement be performed 10 to 15 repetitions for each lower limb.

  1. Bilateral mobilization of external and internal rotation in the seated position

Without changing the position of the spine and pelvis, touch the ground with your knees on one side and then on the other, maintaining a hip and knee bend of 90/90 degrees.

  1. Mobilization of external rotation 1

Maintain a 90/90 limb position. Press the leg that is in external rotation to the ground – hold it for 10 seconds, then lean towards that leg as far as you can.

  1. Mobilization of external rotation 2

Sit in a 90/90 position. Press your leg firmly against the ground in external rotation. Open the other limb as much as possible.

  1. Mobilization of internal rotation with an elastic band

Sit in a 90/90 position. Hook the band around your foot. Raise your foot as high as you can. To make it more difficult, you can do the exercise without a rubber band.

  1. Mobilization of the visit

From a single-legged kneeling position, move to a heel-sitting position.

  1. Flexion mobilization

Move your straight lower limb over the object. Be careful not to lean back. You can increase the obstacle over time.

  1. Stretching the hamstrings and shins

Rest your hands on something at the level of your lower legs. Keep your knee joints and spine straight. March in place, bending the other knee once.

  1. Mobilization for extension

Place your foot against the wall, position your knee as close to it as possible. Straighten up, tighten your abdominal muscles slightly. Pinch the buttock of the exercised leg and push your hip forward.

The author of the text is Karolina Hajdukiewicz, M.A. – neurotherapist MEDICAL COLUMN. On a daily basis, she works with adults using the IBITA Bobath and PNF methods, and privately she tries to stay fit by running and cycling.

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