10 ways to practice it every day in everyday gestures

Discover the many benefits of practicing mindfulness and how to pay attention to the present moment in everyday life

Are we really living in the present? Technically that’s the case but perhaps many of us are only 10% in the here and now. The rest of the thoughts are projected towards the future or the past. Mindfulness practices (Mindfulness) to get back in touch with the present moment can become a precious help.

We are not always truly connected with what is happening in us and around us at the moment, and yet the present is the only time we have at our disposal without any uncertainty.

It can happen more or less often to let ourselves be carried away by memories of the past, to worry too much about the future or to judge without reason what and who we have in front of our eyes. In reality, with some simple and concrete exercises we can practice present moment awareness every day, in our daily lives.

When we eat

How many times have you had to eat in a hurry, distracted by work, your computer, your smartphone or the TV? Try to eat with more awareness, a chew each bite thoroughly, to really savor your food. Chewing each bite about 30 times, counting them one by one, can be a good mindfulness exercise as well as a good habit for your health. Read also: Eating mindfully: 9 types of hunger that we must learn to satisfy, taking the right time

When we drink a cup of tea

“When we are eating, we eat. When we’re drinking, we drink.” Let’s try to bring this simple phrase to mind both during lunch or dinner and when we are about to drink a cup of tea or coffee. We are drinking at that moment and we don’t need to think about anything else, just savoring and enjoying our drink.

When we walk

Where are our steps taking us? Are we walking quickly or slowly? Are there people around us? Do we already know this path or is it a new path for us? When we walk we try not to let everything around us, with its colors and sounds, go unnoticed. When we can, let’s take a break for walk with awareness and admire everything that is around us, with the same look of wonder that a child would have. (Read also: Walking meditation: what it is and why you should include it in your daily routine)

When we hear the phone ring

Here, the phone rings, maybe it’s a call or it’s a simple message. We can consider the ringing of the telephone as a sound that brings us back to the present moment. Let’s take a nice deep breath before going to reply or before reading the message we just received.

When we breathe deeply

Let’s stop, take a moment to pause and take a long, deep breath that can bring some calm back to our minds and hearts. Let’s create breaks dedicated to deep breathing all for us. It really only takes a few minutes. Maybe we can take a deep breath when we get up from our desk and go outside for some fresh air.

When we take a break

In our ever faster world it seems almost impossible to stop and take a moment to pause and take into consideration point by point everything that worries us or makes us happy at the moment. To find peace of mind it may be useful to try compile lists with a fixed number of points. We write down our desires or what we would like to get rid of at this precise moment. Then we start to actually act on our goals.

When we are lost in thought

Perhaps at some moments you feel lost in thought, almost detached from the world. Try to return to the present using the five senses one at a time. Look carefully at what is in front of you, listen to the noises and voices around you, caress the fabric of the sofa you are sitting on, smell if there are any smells or perfumes, just to give a few examples. Without forgetting to also take a few deep breaths.

When we listen to others

A friend is sitting in front of us and is telling us the latest news. Are we listening to him all the way or are we thinking about what we would like to tell him immediately afterwards or what answers to give to his questions? Here, also in this case we can try to live in the present and concentrate fully on what the person who is here with us is really telling us and communicating.

When we listen to our emotions

We will only really know how to listen to others when we have learned to truly understand how we feel in this moment and what are the emotions that are guiding our words and actions. Let’s try to understand what our emotions and thoughts are at this moment, where they come from, what we can do to solve the problems that arise before us and what positive things we can draw from what we feel or think.

When we meditate

When we sit in our favorite place to meditate we are guided by the best intentions but then in our mind a thousand thoughts arrive. It’s perfectly normal because it’s impossible for our mind not to think. The mind must always be concentrated on a thought or object. How to do it then? To keep the mind focused in meditation without distractions we can meditate with the help of a mantra and its meaning. This type of practice will help the mind to better experience the present moment and allow us to be completely absorbed in the meditation as the only action in which we want to engage at that particular moment.

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