Discover the benefits of walking meditation: why include it in your daily routine

Discover the benefits of walking meditation. Here’s how to practice meditation while walking to have a greater awareness of the present.

Discover the benefits of walking meditation. Here’s how to practice meditation while walking to have a greater awareness of the present.

The meditation it is a practice that is good for both the mind and the body. Yes, because taking time to relax and clear your mind is important for a balanced life and greater serenity. (Meditate: 10 scientifically proven reasons to do it at least 10 minutes a day)

Practicing meditation means engaging in contemplation or reflection, but also practicing mental exercises (such as concentrating on breathing or repeating a mantra) with the aim of reaching a high level of spiritual awareness.

Obviously, there are various ways to practice; in fact, if you prefer to move you can do the so-called walking meditation.

While some practices require you to sit or lie down, walking meditation is an opportunity to move while focusing on your body and how it feels. Furthermore, it can be done anywhere while immersed in nature; in fact, walking meditation is a way to center yourself while exercising. (Read also: Mindfulness: 10 Ways to Practice Present Moment Awareness in Everyday Life)

Prepare for walking meditation

Before you begin your walking meditation journey, consider what you would like to gain from the experience.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Be aware of where you want to walk
  • You need to know how long you will be walking
  • Make sure you are dressed comfortably to reduce any distractions
  • Make a plan to prepare for meditation during your walk
  • Decide where you want to go.

The extra tip is to find a place where you feel more comfortable, a quiet place where you can walk comfortably even simply back and forth for 10-20 steps. This can be indoors or outdoors, but it should be an environment where distractions are minimal. (Read also: Meditation: the best natural remedy for anxiety and depression)

Walking meditation how to do it


How to practice walking meditation

Once you’ve chosen your location and set your intentions, it’s time to start moving. Remember that there are no rules to meditation, and you can be extremely creative.

Before starting to walk, in an upright position with your feet hip-distance apart, let your arms and hands rest comfortably at your sides; close your eyes and take a moment to feel grounded and centered.

Feel the sensation of your feet coming into contact with the ground; then, when you are ready, slowly open your eyes and start walking.

He begins to walk slowly along the selected route and relax, let your walk seem natural. It’s important to gain awareness with every step, and move at a pace that keeps us more present and aware. When you reach the end of the path, stop for a moment and center yourself, turn slowly, stop again and when you are ready, proceed mindfully along the path in reverse.

Continue this practice for 10 minutes or more. You can customize these steps as you see fit, as long as you focus on one thing: inner peace. (Read also: Meditation: 6 good reasons to start now)

The benefits of walking meditation

Besides its obvious ones physical advantages (we all know that walking is a great form of exercise) the walking meditation can have many health benefits.

The goal of this type of practice is to develop and nourish body awareness while moving. Furthermore, this type of meditation connects the mind and body to the present moment; the benefits of this practice, in fact, include a calm mind and clarity, greater concentration and being fully present in every moment.

This way you also learn to letting go of negative interactionsgain insights and gain clarity on the next steps you need to take in life.

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