Exercises for weight loss.  7 yoga exercises for weight loss at home

7 yoga exercises for weight loss at home

Girls often worry about their appearance. They want to have a toned body and a beautiful figure. To look slimmer, it is not enough to eat little, you need to devote time to physical activity. Diets and slimming pills do not always help in solving overweight problems, so today we will talk about yoga for weight loss at home. Let’s take a look at yoga exercises for weight loss that will help keep your body in good shape.

Yoga exercises for weight loss at home will not only help you get rid of excess weight, but also reduce stress. It will teach you to love and accept yourself. Also with yoga you can:

  • It’s easier to lose weight.
  • Speed ​​up your metabolism.
  • Improve the functioning of the digestive tract.
  • Beat stress.
  • Improve nutrition.
  • Get motivated to train.

What are yoga exercises for weight loss at home?

There are different types of yoga, so every woman will be able to choose the option she likes best.

We get rid of folds on the stomach.

  • Assume a sitting position on the mat .
  • Keep your arms straight as you lift your legs and tilt your torso back slightly.
  • Hold this position.
  • Then take the starting position and repeat the exercise again.
purple yoga mat abdominal exercises exercising girls

Yoga for weight loss for beginners at home is easy and helps strengthen muscles. Repeat the exercise 10 more times and move on to the next one.

Reducing the sides and hips.

  • Lie on your left side.
  • Rest on one hand and one foot, lifting your body.
  • Do a so-called side bridge and keep your body balanced.
  • Raise your other arm and keep it straight towards your body.
side bridge yoga exercises at home with yoga mat

Yoga exercises for weight loss help you maintain balance. Repeat the above steps, changing the side. Remember to stop in the top position.

We remove the belly and sides.

  • Sit on the mat and spread your legs. You should not sit in the splits, just straighten your legs and spread them at the most comfortable distance for you.
  • Straighten your right arm and raise it.
  • Leaning slightly to the side, touch your left foot with your right hand.
  • Now repeat the yoga exercises for weight loss at home on the other side.
  • Then straighten both arms and lean forward.
  • Do a few sets
yoga outdoor training outdoor exercises

We keep the body in good condition.

  • Kneel with your limbs shoulder-width apart.
  • As you exhale, straighten your legs and raise your buttocks.
  • At the same time, keep your arms straight, resting on the floor.
  • Stay in this position for a few seconds.
  • Repeat this exercise several times.
yoga mat down dog exercise stretching

Exercise for the buttocks

  • Place yourself in a lying position on the mat . Lie on your stomach.
  • Slowly raise your body, placing your hands on the floor.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.
pink mat for fitness and yoga exercises girl practices yoga

Yoga at home does not require strong physical training, so every woman will be able to train on her own. Yoga for weight loss at home will help you quickly tone your body, lose weight and calm down. Take time to train and take care of your body. Yoga exercises for weight loss are performed without additional equipment, so you just need to find a special mat and start practicing.

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