how to clean and disinfect your yoga mat

Cleaning and disinfecting your yoga mat is important to remove dirt and germs. Let’s discover all the natural remedies, which can also be done at home, for a daily and deep cleansing

I yoga mats they are a receptacle for germs and bacteria, especially if you train in the gym or prefer dynamic yoga classes where sweating is the watchword, like the Bikram Yoga.

For this reason, it is worth taking the time to clean the mat after each practice. Cleaning serves to remove the accumulation of dirt and sweat, and you can do it quickly and superficially every day or do a deeper clean at least once a month.

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Why you need to clean your yoga mat

The reason that should push you to wash your yoga mat is to avoid not only germs, but also unpleasant odors.

Cleaning your yoga mat is especially important if you practice at a yoga studio or gym where you share this fitness accessory with others.

To understand which method and product to use for cleaning, it is also important to understand how the mat is made. Some, in fact, are more porous than others; for example, closed-cell mats are thinner and more water-resistant and, as a result, do not soak up liquids quickly.

Thicker yoga mats, on the other hand, tend to have an open-cell structure, which means they can absorb more liquid and can also retain more bacteria. Depending on which model you have, there are a few different eco-friendly and eco-friendly cleaning options.

How to clean your yoga mat: all natural remedies

To clean your yoga mat there are several natural and ecological remedies, which are good for both your skin and the environment.

Vinegar-based cleaner

For the first DIY recipe for the cleaning yoga mat you will need:

  • a glass of water
  • a glass of vinegar
  • a spray bottle.


  • Pour first the water and then the glass of vinegar into the spray bottle
  • mix well and proceed by spraying the solution on the mat
  • scrub with a sponge
  • let it dry in the open air, but not in direct sunlight as the mat could harden.

Dish detergent

Once a month or so, we recommend carrying out a deeper cleaning, in order to eliminate the dirt that accumulates over time. Here’s what you need:

  • a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid
  • sponge
  • water


  • for this type of cleaning it is better if you have a tub to fill with water and immerse the mat in
  • then pour in the dish detergent and scrub with a sponge
  • let it dry in the open air.

Tea tree oil detergent

Another natural antibacterial cleanser it is based on tea tree oil. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • a glass of water
  • a few drops of tea tree oil
  • flacone spray.


  • Pour the water and tea tree oil essence into the spray bottle
  • mist a damp cloth and pass it over the surface of the mat
  • let air dry.

Lemon cleanser

Also for daily cleaning you can make a lemon-based detergent.

As? You will simply need to mix the juice of one lemon in a glass of water. After that, pour everything into a spray bottle and mist on the mat. Dry with a soft, damp cloth.


Another option for the quick and daily cleaning of yoga mats is to use a high filtration vacuum cleaner. After passing it over the entire surface of the mat, you can proceed using comfortable disinfectant wipes.

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