Namaste: do you know the true meaning of the greeting used in yoga?

Do you know what the Sanskrit term namaste means? Let’s discover together the true and profound meaning of this word now widely used also in Western yoga practice

If you have ever attended a yoga class you will surely have heard the word “namaste”, used as a greeting and as a kind way to say goodbye to someone.

The term, in fact, is used precisely as a polite greeting, derives from Sanskrit and has a very profound and spiritual meaning as it can literally be translated as “I bow to the divinity within you”.

Namaste like many parole no is made up of two terms:

  • housethat is, to bow or prostrate
  • thewhich means to you.

Greeting with a namaste means recognizing the sacred that is in each of us and bowing before the soul of those in front of us; yes, because according to Hindu culture and philosophy each of us has a soul, a sacred essence.

Therefore, namaste indicates that our essence bows before the essence and the divine of who we have in front of us.

Namaste is not only used as a greeting when we leave, but also when we arrive or to say “thank you”.

Ma how to do a namaste? Namaste is accompanied by specific gestures, which translates to in Sanskrit mudra, or hand gesture. Here’s how to do a namaste:

  • bring the palms of your hands together and bring them under your chin
  • lower your head slightly and smile with your lips and eyes
  • say namaste in a gentle voice.

Also in this case the mudras have a meaning: the clasped hands indicate humility while the smile on the face is synonymous with warmth and respect towards the person in front of you.

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