The Physical And Spiritual Benefits

Those who practice yoga are aware of the fact that there are some asanas that are very easy and which aim to change the approach to the movements that are done in everyday life.

The mountain pose is one of these: it is in fact a position whose execution is very simple and which aims to improve the posture of all those who perform it, bringing benefits even outside the yoga school .

After all, the truth essence of the discipline that comes from India, is to transform, for the better, the lives of those who practice, helping them to face their everyday routine with a smile and with the right body awareness.

By continuing reading, you will understand how to perform Tadasana, what the physical benefits are and how you can benefit from it from the point of view of psychological well-being.

Historical pills

As you know, almost all the names of yoga positions come from the ancient Sanskrit language. An idiom, of which there are few written testimonies and which today is still widespread thanks to the discipline that comes from India.

Analyzing the original name of the pose, we discover that: Tada means mountain and asana position. In some translations it is possible to find the word palm as a variant of the first term.

This asana forms the foundation of many basic positions and can be practiced at the beginning or end of a session of almost all variations of the discipline. Those who consciously perform Tadasana are able to feel like a mountain, stable and with their gaze fixed on the world around them.

The basic positions of yoga are very important to know the secrets of the ancient Indian art and to be able to continue discovering the most difficult asanas.

Starting from the foundations is necessary to be able to fully understand your body, improve your posture and develop skills related to meditation and concentration.

Before starting execution

Even when it comes to very easy positions, it is right to take some necessary precautions aimed at avoiding suffering injuries and useful for living the experience in a positive and satisfying way.

In all physical activities, it is wrong to improvise, even when it comes to performing simple exercises.

Before proceeding with the explanation of the execution of the asana, remember to:

  • Check that the mat is in good condition
  • Do some warm-up exercises
  • Concentrate

Carrying out correct maintenance on your yoga mat is very important because, if it is not clean, or if it does not have a good grip, it can be the cause of many injuries. In fact, if the mat is damaged it can be slippery, leading you to fall disastrously to the floor.

Dedicating yourself to stretching before carrying out any physical activity is very important to prepare and loosen the muscles. Even though it may be boring, to take care of of your body and stimulating it is very useful.

Concentration, this unknown

The society we live in is always in a hurry. Often, our mind is full of thoughts and our agendas are full of commitments to meet. All this can create stress and anxiety and does not allow us to live experiences peacefully.

Yoga, among its objectives, also has to help people relax. To achieve this goal, however, it is necessary to be able to concentrate during lessons; to do this it could be useful to force yourself to forget about the problems of everyday life for the time you train.

Furthermore, we suggest you turn off your phone while practicing yoga and, if you can, keep it away from you, leaving it in the gym locker room or, if you train from home, in another room.

How to do mountain pose

tadasana uni mountain pose 2

Tadasana does not include any particular execution variations and its execution is rather standard. As you will see at the end of the instructions, however, there is the possibility of using the upper limbs in different ways in order to vary the process.

Mountain pose is done like this:

  • Stand up on the mat
  • Bring your legs and feet together
  • Breathe consciously by closing your eyes (if you have difficulty staying balanced, you can keep them open)
  • Bend your knees almost imperceptibly
  • Keep your back straight and your head looking at a point in front of you
  • Swing slightly and find stability with the soles of your feet
  • Remain in the position for as long as necessary and until you feel pain in your lower limbs

As for the upper limbs, you can decide to position them where you are most comfortable*. Some yogis place their hands in prayer in front of their chest. Others, as the original pose would have it, keep their arms extended at their sides. Still others place them above their heads.

Those who have lower limb problems or feel back pain can think about exercising by sitting on a chair.

By doing so, the back part of the body will be completely supported on the backrest, while the legs will not be subjected to stress.

This sort of variant is very suitable for older people they had hip surgery or the femur.

Physical benefits

Tadasana It has a very positive effect on the entire spinestretching and relaxing it.

For this reason, the pose is particularly suitable for all those who spend many hours at the computer. Sitting behind a desk for a long time can in fact cause back pain and inflammation of the spine.

The pose turns out to be particularly suitable for pregnant women. In fact, the asana helps to improve posture which can sometimes be compromised by the weight of the belly, particularly during the last months of gestation.

Furthermore, by increasing the strength of the abdomen, it helps to reduce possible post-partum physical disorders.

Performing Tadasana consistently can also help:

  • Reduce flat feet
  • Tone your buttocks
  • Strengthen thighs and calves
  • Promote digestion
  • Improve breathing

Psychological benefits

As far as the mental sphere is concerned, mountain pose is very useful for ensuring that the brain is relaxed and less tired.

A university research very importantly, it has been shown that performing Tadasana can help reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

The relaxing and relaxing action on tense nerves allows you to increase serotonin levels, useful for keeping bad moods and sadness at bay.

Finally, being an easy to perform asana, even beginners will be able to complete it successfully. This will allow you to increase the satisfaction personal and theself-esteem.


Mountain pose is a basic level asana suitable for anyone who is looking for simple movements to perform. This asana can be performed as a stretch at the beginning of a session or as a meditation at the end of the class.

Although it is very simple, it can offer many physical and mental benefits. In fact, Tadasana helps to improve posture and tone the whole body. It is also very useful for finding a sense of inner peace and mental well-being.

Before performing it, you need to take some simple precautions to avoid injuries: remember to keep the mat clean and stay concentrated in all phases of the execution.

Have you already practiced Tadasana during yoga classes? Were you aware that there are positions that are very easy to perform but are full of benefits at the same time? Would you like to discover other essential positions for practicing the discipline?

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