what happens to your brain by practicing it for at least 8 weeks

Meditation has benefits for both the body and the mind, and according to science, practicing it can have transformative effects on the brain.

The meditation It is inspired by Buddhism, and those who have practiced it for several years have been able to experience various benefits, both on the mind and on the body.

Practicing meditation, in fact, helps calm the mindto center thoughts and to ward off negative energies and “noise” to show what really matters. Scientifically, however, showing the effects of meditation on the human brain has proven complicated.

A new studio from Binghamton University published on Scientific Report di Nature showed how practicing meditation, even for just a couple of months, was able to change the brain patterns of 10 students. So, according to researchers, meditation can actually have a transformative effect on the brain.

The results show that training in the field of meditation led to a faster transition between the brain’s two general states of consciousness. One is called the default mode network, which is active when the brain is at rest and not focused on the outside world, such as during daydreaming and wandering. The other is the dorsal attention network, which deals with tasks that require more attention.

The results of the study demonstrate that the Meditation can improve brain connection between and within these two brain networks.

@Scientific Reports (Sci Rep) ISSN 2045-2322 (online)

Tibetans have a term for the ease of moving from one state to another: they call it mental flexibilityan ability that allows you to shape your mind. The researchers also want to apply meditation to better observe the evolution of Alzheimer’s disease and autism, which could be caused by problems with the dorsal attention network.

For this reason, we are thinking of a study on elderly people divided into two groups, healthy and a group with Alzheimer early or mild cognitive impairment. The target? See if the changes in the brain caused by meditation can improve cognitive performance even in subjects with pathologies and degenerative diseases.

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Source: Nature

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